Our investment in you

Heraeus lives a performance-driven culture, and we reward hard work with a comprehensive package of benefits. This includes competitive salaries, flexible time-off and personal leave, as well as vacation and medical benefits.


Heraeus believes a strong work ethic goes hand in hand with a satisfying personal life. When your work and personal life are in balance, you have the time and space to meet personal goals, as well as perform at your professional best.

Heraeus recognizes the close connection between the company’s needs and your own. Therefore, we offer career options that help you balance family, leisure, and work. In addition, we offer variety of wellness programs and personal coaching.


Your compensation is more than a base salary that is in line with your performance at Heraeus. You also receive a variety of benefits that support you in meeting your career goals, such as management and leadership training.

We believe compensation should be both financially and professionally rewarding for every employee. That means financial benefits, work that is challenging and fulfilling, career mentoring, and professional development opportunities. In our most recent employee opinion survey, 76% of all Heraeus North America employees said they were satisfied or very satisfied with the rewards and benefits at Heraeus.

Further Benefits

In our performance-driven culture, we reward those who contribute to our growth and success. The wide variety of benefits includes: extended leave for personal and family reasons, vacations, holidays, and more.

Heraeus is also committed to the welfare and wellbeing of our employees. Eligible employees can qualify for various benefits ranging from confidential help, such as legal advice, financial planning, and more. Additionally, eligible employees can qualify for our educational assistance program to further their education and build their skills.

Health Benefits

Heraeus is committed to providing health benefits that promote good health and provide protection and peace of mind for our employees and their families. Our health and dental benefits provide comprehensive coverage for eligible employees and their dependents. We offer a variety of medical and dental options through CIGNA. The plans feature preventive care, co-pays, in-and-out of network coverage and a prescription drug program.

Vision benefits are provided by National Vision Associates (NVA) at a minimal cost for our employees and their eligible dependents. Separately, we offer the H2 “Healthy Heraeus” Wellness Program to support people in a healthy lifestyle.

Financial Benefits

Heraeus believes that your compensation reflects the valued partnership between you and the company. We reward you based on your performance and results.

We offer a 401k plan, and qualified rollovers from previous plans are accepted. Heraeus also matches employee contributions into the plan.

Other benefits include Flexible Spending Accounts (FSAs), Health Savings Accounts (HSAs), life insurance, and short and long-term disability plans.

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