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With its second Sustainability Report, Heraeus is providing new impetus for dialogue with employees, business partners and the interested public.

Heraeus Precious Appraisal

2019/12/16: South African PGM supply short-circuits under Eskom

It's DemoDay: Startups from the Heraeus Accelerator present their projects

2019/11/18: For three months, Copprint, MesoGlue, Scrona and SenSiC worked together with Heraeus teams on joint projects in the Heraeus Accelerator. Now they finally presented their projects and their progress.

"Heraeus Accelerator is one of the few (if not the only) programs where hard science startups can test their ideas"

The US start-up is one of four startups in the Heraeus Accelerator. We asked the team how they benefit from the Heraeus Accelerator.

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